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Beam Splitting

T-Splits are made by splitting a wide flange beam down the web yielding a pair of tee’s. Our fully programmable T-Split machines can split an I-beam up to 24” down the web and control the heating, splitting, and cooling process, speeding the time to produce Tee's that are not produced by mills. Other products we can split include:
Universal Column (UC)
Universal Beam (UB)
W-Beam (WF)
Rolled Steel Joist (RSJ)
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel

Pipe Splitting

Production Metal Sawing & Processing is an industry leader in Pipe and Metal tube cutting. Decades of experience and engineering combined with CNC controlled processes produce consistent high quality cuts on tubing and pipe from 1" - 20" OD.

Need pipe or beam split with quality cuts, quickly, and cost efficiently? This is one  of our core capabilities and Production Metal Saw and Processing is the place to come to split pipe up to 20” OD.  

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Beam  Pipe Splitting
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